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 Recognized internationally as one of the most technologically and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments. These Hydradermie treatments increases radiance, deep cleanses and moisturises the skin. 


  • Increases radiance
  • Deep cleanses
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Penetrates active ingredients

Secrets Behind The Treatment

Increase radiance, eliminate bacteria, and purify the skin.

Relaxing massage softens the facial features and rejuvenates the skin.

Aroma Therapy

 Aroma therapy massage, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilising naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonise and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

It was the French perfumer and chemist, Rene- Maurice Gattefosse, who coined the term “aromatherapie” in 1937 with his publication of a book by that name. His book “Gattefosse’s Aroma therapy” contains early clinical findings for utilising essential oils for a range of physiological ailments. It seems vital to understand what Gattefosse’s intention for coining the word was, as he clearly meant to distinguish the medicinal application of essential oils from their perfumery applications. 

Manicure & Wax

 A good manicure will clean and shape your nails and treat your cuticles, which is vital for keeping your nails healthy and strong. During a manicure, the therapist exfoliates the hands to remove dead skin cells and to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow. The hand massage will leave you relaxed and your beautiful hands will put a final touch to your look. 

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Foxhills Beauty treatments are provided by Helen Chapell. With over 30 years of experience, Helen is proud to offer quality therapies at affordable prices. Helen is a licensed and certified therapist.